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MPAC Issues for 2022

Seven of the 8 candidates running for city council attended the candidate breakfast at First Presbyterian Church on March 26.  The 7 candidates were interviewed by 21 MPAC members from the three task forces and the Monitor City Council standing committee.  The group voted to support these candidates:

District 1         Helen Moise 

District 2         Raul Gonzalez

District 6         Albert Parra

District 7         Bowie Hogg

  • Monitor City Council (standing committee) - Members of this committee attend (or monitor) every work session and meeting of the Arlington City Council and distribute summary reports to MPAC members.

  • Monitor Arlington Tomorrow Foundation (standing committee) - This committee monitors the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation grant award process to ensure MPAC is well informed of their grants and to impact the process as deemed necessary. 

  • Beautification - The goal of this committee is to increase awareness of current public art and encourage more public art in Arlington. Shown above is Donna Darovitch with a new piece displayed in Meadowbrook Sculpture Garden in Meadowbrook Park. 

  • Environmental - The objective of the Pollinator Task Force is to increase citizen awareness of pollinator and environmental issues and their importance in our community.. 

  • Economic Development - The goal of this committee is to study the process and monitor the progress of Arlington's revitalization, redevelopment and reinvestment projects. 

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