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MPAC Issues Planning, January 2020

MPAC members met in January to plan for the Candidate Breakfast.  Although the breakfast was canceled because of the Corona Virus isolation requirements, the various issue task force groups have continued to study the chosen issues and prepare questions for a possible later breakfast event.

MPAC Issues for 2020


Monitor City Council (standing committee) - Members of this committee attend (or monitor) every work session and meeting of the Arlington City Council and distribute summary reports to MPAC members.

Monitor Arlington Tomorrow Foundation (standing committee) -  The plan for 2018 for this committee is to observe the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation grant award process to ensure MPAC is well informed and to impact the process as deemed necessary. They will attend as many ATF committee meetings as possible.

Public Art - (standing committee) - The goal of this committee is to increase awareness of current public art and encourage more public art in Arlington. Shown above is Donna Darovitch with a new piece displayed in Meadowbrook Sculpture Garden in Meadowbrook Park. 

Pollinators/Environmental - The objective of the Pollinator Task Force is to increase citizen awareness of pollinator and environmental issues and their importance in our community.

Communication - Because Arlington no longer has a viable daily news media source for information many citizens depend on inaccurate and infrequent social media sites instead.  This increases the risk of citizens not being informed about important issues and/or having inaccurate information. The goal of this committee is to learn how the City of Arlington Communication Office currently disseminates city information via its website and social media. 

Economic Development - The goal of this committee is to study Arlington revitalization, redevelopment and reinvestment.

Traffic Safety - Due to numerous accidents and driver confusion, this task force will investigate methods of insuring drivers awareness of driving conditions, as well as identify the best ways for the city of Arlington to combat increasing traffic accidents.

Sales Tax Increase - Research and identify the logic behind, use of and messaging for the 1/4 cent sales tax increase.

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