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MPAC Issues for 2015


Monitor City Council (standing committee) - Members of this committee attend (or monitor) every work session and meeting of the Arlington City Council and distribute summary reports to MPAC members.


Monitor Arlington Tomorrow Foundation (standing committee) - This committee observes the ATF grant award process to ensure MPAC is well informed and will impact the process as deemed necessary.


High Speed Rail - The goal of this committee is to stay informed about plans for high speed rail from Houston to Dallas and to lend support for the planned route to include a stop in Arlington.


Smoking Ordinance - Our elected officials take an oath to serve and protect constituents.  Science clearly supports implementing comprehensive smoking ordinances in order to protect the citizens who live, work, play, pay taxes and vote in Arlington.  To date 38 cities have passed comprehensive smoke-free ordinances that protect all workers.  Some of those include Dallas, Highland Village, and Flower Mound in North Texas, and yes, even New Orleans.  Over time, following the passage of these ordinances, the number of people hospitalized for diseases caused by secondhand smoke has dropped dramatically, while businesses affected by the change saw an increase in profit.  In past years, Arlington was on the forefront of this issue.  This committee will work to support and encourage a more comprehensive level of smoking ordinance for Arlington.   

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