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MPAC Issues for 2018

Monitor City Council (standing committee) - Members of this committee attend (or monitor) every work session and meeting of the Arlington City Council and distribute summary reports to MPAC members.


Monitor Arlington Tomorrow Foundation (standing committee) -  The plan for 2018 for this committee is to observe the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation grant award process to ensure MPAC is well informed and to impact the process as deemed necessary. They will attend as many ATF committee meetings as possible.


Clean Arlington - It is the goal of this committee that Arlington be known as a clean city with an active anti-litter initiative and to initiate localized programs to sustain a litter free community. The initial focus is cleaning up of litter along the most high-traffic corridors of Arlington and adopting the use of residential trash bins in place of loose trash bags for trash collection.


Pollinators - The objective of the Pollinator Task Force is to increase citizen awareness of pollinator issues and their importance in our community and to encourage the community to provide and conserve our pollinators and their habitats through education and by providing resources.

Public Art - The goal of this committee is to increase awareness of current public art and encourage more public art in Arlington. Picture shows public art committee members meeting at Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center. April 2018


Short Term Rentals - The objective of this group is to follow the Short Term Rental issue and support STR regulations that would address the permitting process, a two-tier system (full-time occupied v. non-owner occupied), standards, and occupancy taxation.

School Pedestrian Safety - This group will work to improve pedestrian safety around Arlington schools. They plan to bring PTA resolutions to the attention of the City Council.

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