mpac members at arlington gateway sign.jpg

MPAC Issues for 2022

  • Monitor City Council (standing committee) - Members of this committee attend (or monitor) every work session and meeting of the Arlington City Council and distribute summary reports to MPAC members.

  • Monitor Arlington Tomorrow Foundation (standing committee) - This committee monitors the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation grant award process to ensure MPAC is well informed of their grants and to impact the process as deemed necessary. 

  • Beautification - The goal of this committee is to increase awareness of current public art and encourage more public art in Arlington. Shown above is Donna Darovitch with a new piece displayed in Meadowbrook Sculpture Garden in Meadowbrook Park. 

  • Environmental - The objective of the Pollinator Task Force is to increase citizen awareness of pollinator and environmental issues and their importance in our community.. 

  • Economic Development - The goal of this committee is to study the process and monitor the progress of Arlington's revitalization, redevelopment and reinvestment projects. 

Who We Are...

We are a group of women leaders dedicated to making Arlington a better place to live, work, and play through our active involvement in local issues and elections. We contribute to public discourse about policy issues in our community. We identify and support specific issues and candidates who promote long term solutions, not short term fixes for Arlington. We do not engage in partisan politics, endorse or otherwise support partisan political affairs; but we do endorse candidates in municipal elections.  

MPAC Yearly Events

  • January
    Annual issues selection meeting and task force creation

  • February
    Task forces re-convene to develop strategies

  • March
    Annual Candidates Breakfast

  • April 
    Arlington EcoFest Event (2023)

  • June
    MPAC 20th Anniversary Celebration (2023)

  • September
    Social and Invite Potential New Members to join us.

  • November
    Annual Meeting

  • December
    Holiday Social